The following audios are excerpts from previous lectures by Ashoi.

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Mind Not The Brain!  (Mind in Mind Dimension Is Not the Brain in Real Dimension) 

Your mind is different from your brain.  


The Whole World That You Experience Is Your Mind 

World you experience is, in and of itself, your own mind in the Mind Dimension. 


Experience It! Not Merely Philosophically Understand It 

You should not accept anything I say at face value. Don't merely understand these things philosophically, but directly experience the facts as they really are.


Appreciate Your Virtual-Reality World in the Mind Dimension 

When you have deep insight, you'll begin to appreciate the Mind Dimension. 


Nature of Perceived Worlds And the Real World 

Each species is designed to generate and manifest unique kinds of virtual-reality worlds. Which one of these worlds best describes the nature of the Real World?


You Are Two! 

You are not one, but two! The 'self' is not 'one-self' but 'two-selves'. The one you ordinarily experience is perceived-self. The self that is real, is oblivious to you. 


Who Is Your Relationship With? Is It Real or Superficial? 

If a person is not aware of 'real self', 'real people' and 'real world' in the Real Dimension then the person can't consciously nurture 'real relationship'. Then the person is merely tangled in superficial relationships between the virtual-reality physical-costume of 'perceived-self' and others. Learn to nurture real relationship.

**** Yoga - The Purity of Consciousness: Yoga, as originally described in the ancient Vedic Scriptures, means attunement with Truth. It is a state of the spirit in which the mind (in the Mind Dimension) is attuned with the real body and world (in the Real Dimension). It is nurturing of the spirit in 'purity of consciousness'.