Following are excerpts from previously published or unpublished articles. They are listed here in no particular order.


One time or another, we have all heard someone or another claim that only human beings are self-conscious and only we have awareness, while all other species of animals are not self-conscious and do not have awareness. Such assertions are often supported with lame arguments, such as: when other animals look into a mirror they donít seem to realize that they are looking at their own reflection. This sort of argument doesnít go too far. But any way, I sometimes use this as an analogy to explain something about ourselves that we have also overlooked...the following:  

The world that's experienced is one's own mind. The self objectively observing a thing outside the self is an illusion. An objective observation of the world entails the manifestation of the virtual-reality interface, one's own mind, which is but an organ of oneself manifested in the Mind Dimension as generated by the brain in the Real Dimension.

Like 3D canvas-cum-mirror, the virtual-reality mind interface in the Mind Dimension is at once the mindís medium for sensory perception manifestation composed of consciousness (PMMs) and the reflection of itself into the conscious experience giving the effect of objective observation of something external to the self. There is only but one thing, the mind -- there is no inside and outside. 

Hence, even looking into a real mirror is not really an objective observation of a reflection of an image of something in the mirror as such. The fact is that all things experienced: the thing, the mirror, the reflection of the thing, and the perceiver (perceived-self) are all one and the same phenomenon comprising one's own mind. The same holds true even when looking casually at the world (not through a mirror). Anything and everything one experiences constitutes the mind organ (the virtual-reality interface) of the self. We had simply failed to casually realize this. 

When it comes to the conscious experience of the world we too donít seem to realize that it is like experiencing a reflection (part of self, the mind) in the mirror of the Mind Dimension. Hence, we should  ask ourselves the question: have human beings been self-aware? Hitherto we had thought we had been, but obviously we weren't. 

Hitherto we had misidentified reality, but now we know better and can become self-aware if we choose to. Or we can continue to live delusive lives. Itís an individualís choice.



The Realization:

When a person is established with the false preconceived notions about reality, believing that the world of sensory experiences is the real world, then the person finds no need to look for the real Ďreal worldí and discover the nature of the world thatís experienced. 

It is typical for a person to assert any of the following: 

  • ďI am conscious of the real world." 

  • "I am conscious of reality through my senses and experiences. I can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch real things in the real world."

  • "The real world is the one I am experiencing right now...right here."

  • "The real world is right here ...where I experience it."

  • "I can see and feel my real body, hence, I know my reality."

When people at large are in such delusive modes of believing that they know what it is they are experiencing, then the need to investigate, discover and learn doesnít arise. Most human beings are not seeking truth because they believe they already know the truth. That is but the greatest of all ignorance and most difficult to breakthrough. It is the delusion of delusions, the ignorance or ignorance. 

For millenniums, human beings have been ignorant of truth and have mistaken the world experienced directly through the senses to be the real world. Ironically, our experiences of reality and convictions of truth contradict reality and truth. Many of the conventional beliefs are contrary to truth. With such grave mistake we have lived. 

Our forefathers were mistaken about many things and we readily inherited their convictions. But now we must get one thing straight: "a world of senses, of consciousness, is but a virtual-reality world comprising one's own mind in the Mind Dimension; it is not the real world in the Real Dimension." 

Not only was the experienced world of the mind misidentified as the real world, that blunder has verily estranged us from the very realm that comprises our worldsóthe realm of the mind, the Mind Dimension. Unfortunately, our inherited false convictions had prevented us from becoming aware of the intrinsic nature of the mind and the realm of the Mind Dimension. We had failed to realize that the world directly experienced is but in a parallel plane altogether, the Mind Dimension.

The Understanding And Approach:

Many people are familiar with the statement: "matter is comprised of consciousness." But which 'matter' is comprised of 'consciousness?' The matter in the Real Dimension or that in the Mind Dimension?

From what I have explained throughout my book, you should now be aware that Ďthe stuff we call matterí is indeed consciousness, as that stuff we experience as matter is not the real world but a world of consciousness of PMMs manifested in the Mind Dimension. This is easy to assimilate and be aware of when you know about the Mind Dimension; but when unaware of the two realms of our existence it is easy to make erroneous implications such as "consciousness is what matter (implying real matter) is composed of" or that "the whole world (implying the real world) is consciousness". 

As many of the scientists still do not realize the facts about the mind in the Mind Dimension, they often are indirectly alluding to the real stuff of the Real Dimension while directly referring to the stuff they perceive in virtual-reality world in the mind in the Mind Dimension. But now itís time for a major breakthrough. Now everyone should understand the differences between the two realms and become more clear about the issues in various modes of communication.

Scientists, and perhaps all people alike, should make a habit of following a simple rule: Although at the fundamental level of existence, that is, from the absolute perspective, there is no distinction between the stuff composing the mind world in the Mind Dimension and the stuff composing the real world in the Real Dimension, when discussing any matter (pun is unavoidable) of our existence, one must make it a rule to clarify which world is being referred to with clarity and awareness of both worlds. That practice will benefit people to build their thoughts and ideas with clarity, thus contemplating the related matter in its right frame. 

By placing anything into its right frame and right realm (i.e., the Mind Dimension or the Real Dimension) we will discover the underlying relationships of things we perceive in the mind in the Mind Dimension to those things that exist in the real world in the Real Dimension. Then we will be better equipped to find out why and how thoughts affect things. The underlying relationship between the world of consciousness in the Mind Dimension and the real world in Real Dimension lies deep in the fundamental order of existence, the Truth.




Human beings are quickly evolving into a new species; a species more attuned with reality than the Homo Sapiens of today. The new species could very well be called the "Homo Mentis Realitas Virtualis". The translation from Latin to English would be the 'Man with Virtual Reality Mind'. 

Homo Mentis Realitas Virtualis refers to the species of evolved human beings who have attained self-realization and have become aware of the fact that they carry virtual-reality mind interfaces through which they experience their virtual-reality selves within virtual-reality worlds manifested in the realm parallel to the realm of the real world in which they actually exist. With the realization the human being is transformed into a new kind of being--an highly evolved being, both intellectually and spiritually.

The early Homo Mentis Realitas Virtualis would be dated back to over 5000 years ago, for instance, to the many sages of ancient India who had realized that the perceived world was virtual-reality manifestation (source: the Vedas and especially the Upanishads, as well as the more recent scriptures of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). Similarly, known personalities such as Zarathushtra, Gautama Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Mahavir Buddha, Patanjali, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, and the kind, would also be identified as the evolved individuals of the early Homo Mentis Realitas Virtualis species. 

It is reasonable to say that by the year 2200 most Homo Sapiens are bound to evolve into the new species---a species with perhaps unimaginable experiences of consciousness with their technologically evolved new types of brain-mind system interfaces. 



It is important to clearly discern the differences between aspects of the subjective, the objective, and the real when experiencing any of the sensory perceptions in the mind. 

Ordinarily people (including many scientists) are unaware that human beings canít experience the real world thatís in the Real Dimension. People have been in complete delusion when they have thought that they normally have an objective experience of the real world. The objective experience of the real world, so to speak, is actually the experience of the perceived virtual-reality world generated and manifested in the subjective mind in the Mind Dimension. 

By the same token, people have also not been aware of the true nature of their subjective worldóthe world in the mind being a virtual-reality world and all of oneís experiences then being nothing other than subjective experiences. The following analogy will help elucidate some subtle points.

A person named Tom experiences his own body subjectively. Another person, named Mary, views Tomís body from a so-called objective perspective. However, the facts are as follows:

  • Tomís body that Mary sees is not Tomís real body. Tomís body that Mary sees is in the subjective realm of Maryís mind, whereby the visual-image of the body (physical-costume) that she sees as being Tomís body is actually generated by her own brain-mind system as her own mind. Hence, that is not Tomís real body but a phenomenon of Maryís own subjective mind. So technically speaking it is a subjective perception, not an objective one. Mary is seeing her own subjective mind but thinks that she is objectively looking at Tom's real body, which is but a great illusion.

  • Even the body that Tom subjectively (or objectively) experiences (feels or sees) as his own body is not his real bodyó-it is merely a virtual-reality physical-costume in Tomís mindóbut Tom thinks that he experiences his real body, which is but a great illusion. 

  • No one has seen Tomís real body. Nobody will ever see Tomís real body. The real body is but forever really invisible!

Ironically, the illusion of the relative objective perspective of the world is an important aspect of the human mind interface. It is necessary for a human being to be able to function effectively in the real world.