Contemporary scientific understanding of sensory physiology and the workings of the brain-mind system corroborate an important revelation articulated by self-realized sages thousands of years ago. 


Scientific Revelation: 'A sentient entity (e.g., a human being) does not and cannot experience the actual physical real world but rather experiences a 3D virtual-reality world generated and manifested by his/her/it's own brain-mind system.' 


  A human being (or any sentient animal) experiences only its own 'mind'. By contemporary definition of the term, a person's 'mind' is not just the domain of thoughts and feelings but it encapsulates all of the individual's experiences, including the physical experiences of the physical world that appears external to self. 

The physical experiences of the physical world that a person experiences is not of the actual real world that exists outside the brain. The person's brain processes the data received from various stimuli from outside and within the body. Then the person's brain itself generates the content of the given experience -- for example, the experience may comprise the 3D sensory physical world as such (comprising vision, touch, sound, etc.) -- whereby, the experience (such as the 3D physical world itself) is manifested in the person's 3D mind interface. 

Hence, it is important to discern the 3D physical representational world in the mind interface as separate and distinct from the actual real world that actually exists outside the brain's mind interface. (See Illustration.) By definition: the actual real world exists in the realm referred to as the Real Dimension, on the other hand, a sentient being experiences a representational physical world manifested in the realm referred to as the Mind Dimension

The distinction of the two realms is very important because we have to be clear that we do not experience the realm of the actual real world at all -- each one of us only experience a distinct and unique representational physical world comprising our own virtual-reality mind interface manifested in the Mind Dimension.

Bottom line: No entity can experience the real world in which it actually exists. Of course it is very difficult to reconcile this scientific fact with our current belief system, however our species' outlook of reality is about to change this century. 


Ashoi: "Mere objective knowledge is not sufficient to attain to an enlightening experience; deep insight of the mind and the awareness of the Mind Dimension is required."

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